Resolution of the Senate – 24 September 2013

The Resolution of the Faculty Senate to convene a Task Force: 24 September 2013

Recent events at the University of Alabama and our interactions with the greater community have cast the University in a negative light, belying the great progress that we have made in our areas of research, teaching and service. Through the mobilization of students and faculty, these incidents have been subsequently transformed into a period of inward reflection, action and growth. The Administration has been active in the past few weeks and has shown that by taking an ethical stand, progress can be made in correcting systemic historical injustices. Nonetheless, major hurdles remain and the current momentum must not be lost.

To continue the momentum engendered by this unique opportunity, but mindful that the next steps will require deliberation, study, concrete proposals and action, the Faculty Senate on behalf of the Faculty resolves to form an ad hoc task force to explore mechanisms to:

  1. Extend the recent desegregation of some sororities to all Greek letter organizations and other student organizations;
  2. Facilitate systemic changes in the governance of student organizations, including the SGA and the Greek system; and
  3. Create an environment where every student has a reasonable and equal opportunity to serve in any student position or join any campus organization for which they qualify for membership.

We have confidence that the Administration is committed to solving these problems, and are certain of the resolve of the Faculty in holding them to their word.