Standing committees 2015-16

Academic Affairs
Co-chairs: Chapman Greer and John Vincent
Silas Blackstock, Martin Evans, Lori Greene, Paul Houghtaling (spring 2016), Paul Hubner, Jim Leeper, Miguel Mantero, Margaret Peacock, John Petrovic, Paul Puzinauskas, Theodore Trost, Brad Tuggle, Emily Wittman (fall 2015)

Community Affairs
Co-chairs: Amy Dayton and Kimberly Severt
Hilary Green, Olivia May, Merinda Simmons, Rita Snyder, Monika Wedgeworth

Financial Affairs
Co-chairs: Reuben Cook and Rainer Schad
John Blitz, Joy Burnham, Todd DeZoort, Lesley Reid, Tom Lopez

Faculty Life
Co-chairs: Brian Gordon and Pamela Payne-Foster
Grace Lee, Emily Mitchell, Jen Nickelson, Dana Patton, Amy Traylor

Faculty and Senate Governance
Co-chairs: Charlotte Herrin and Robert Riter
Mirit Eyal-Cohen (absent in fall 2015), John Gross (serving in place of Eyal-Cohen in fall 2015), Paul Horwitz, Steve Miller, Kagendo Mutua, Fred Whiting

Information Technology
Co-chairs: Mangala Krishnamurthy and Clark Midkiff
Ajay Agrawal, Meredith Bagley, Sheila Black, Bill Henderson, Patrick Kung

Research and Service
Co-chairs: Steve Burch and Steven Jones
Jon Benstead, Jim Brown, Jody DeRidder, Carol Donovan, Darrin Griffin, Ruth Ann Hall, Michelle Lee, John McDonald, Osiris Molina, Andreas Piepke, Peter Schulte, Jason Senkbeil

Student Affairs
Co-chairs: Charlye Adams and JoAnn Oliver
Ed Back, Norm Baldwin, Richard Doherty, Dean Townsley