April 21, 2020

3:30 PM – ZOOM

Speakers:  Dr. Kevin Whitaker, Executive VP and Provost

                   Finis St. John, Chancellor, University of Alabama System

                   Dr. Tonjanita Johnson, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs


  1. Roll Call and Quorum Check (Barb Dahlbach)


  1. Secretary’s Report – (Barb Dahlbach)
  • Committee Assignment Discussion and Approval (Barb Dahlbach)
  • FS Standing Committees
  • Representatives to University Committees


  1. Approval of/Corrections to the Minutes for March 19th(Barb Dahlbach)
  1. President’s Report – (Rona Donahoe)
  • Parliamentarian Affirmation
  • Webmaster Affirmation
  • BOT Meeting
  • Committee year-end reports due on or before Friday, 5/8
  • UAH BOT Meeting
  • Alabama Ethics Commission Statement of Economic Interests – Due 4/30
  • Parental Leave Policies – On hold
  • Provost Search: https://www.ua.edu/provostsearch/
    • The two remaining finalists will interview via ZOOM
    • Public Presentations – 4:15-5:15 PM:
      • April 23, 27
    • Steering Committee Meetings with Candidates – 1:30–2:15 PM:
      • April 24, 28
  • COVID-19 and LBO
    • Courses will continue online for first summer term and full summer term. A decision about second summer term course format will be delayed as long as possible.
  • Faculty Handbook
    • OCR and header navigation links have been added to the Faculty Handbook pdf.
  1. Vice President’s Report – (Chapman Greer)
  • General Education Taskforce Update


  1. Senate Committee Reports:
  • Research & Service – (Ajay Agrawal & Si Blackstock)
    • Disclosure of External Activities Draft Policy
    • Faculty Handbook Change (Chapter 3. Faculty Conduct and Compensation, Section IX.B.1):
  1. Approval for Supplemental Compensation

Each faculty member at the University is expected not only to be an effective teacher and to maintain an ongoing program of research and scholarly effort, but also to exercise responsible service/academic citizenship. This typically includes advising students, serving as faculty advisor to student organizations, actively participating in professional associations, and engaging in other University activities where faculty participation is normal. Because supplemental compensation activity may infringe on these responsibilities, the faculty member is required to seek and receive prior written approval from the dean or the dean’s designated representative for any such activity using the campus-wide policy and form titled “Policy for Disclosure of External Activity By Faculty and Other Research Grant and Contract Eligible Employees” (web link to be inserted here) overseen by the Vice President for Research and Economic Development.  Deans, on their part, will respond with approval (or disapproval) promptly and normally will respond within five working days of receiving the request. If the proposed activity is not approved, the dean will give the faculty member written notice of reasons for disapproving. Factors to be considered by the dean when deciding whether to approve supplemental compensation activities may include possible conflicts of interest, the amount of time the activity will require, and the appropriateness of arrangements to meet the faculty member’s responsibilities.


  • Community & Legislative Affairs (Joy Burnham & Steven Yates)
    • The Brewer-Porch Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon will be May 5th.  This luncheon provides a measure of thanks to about 80 faculty and staff members at Brewer-Porch Children’s Center.


  • Faculty & Senate Governance – (Ibrahim Çemen & ____________)
    • Mediation Committee Election – Replacement for Alan Tidwell (C&BA)
      • Nominee: Ramada Reddy, Engineering


  • Academic Affairs – (John Vincent & Andre Denham)
    • P/F Grading Policy for Spring 2020
    • LBO Tenure Clock Extension Policy
    • Faculty Handbook Change (Grandfathering for promotion to Full Professor)
  • IT & Strategic Communications – (Matthew Hudnall & ____________)
    • Non-DUO protected access to MyBama.


  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Mirit Eyal-Cohen & Ignacio Rodeno) –No Report


  • Faculty Life – (____________ & ____________)– No Report
  • Financial Affairs – (____________ & Rainer Schad) – No Report
  • Student Life – (___________ & ____________) – No Report
  • Campus Culture Taskforce – (Greg Cotrell)
    • Campus Culture Survey


  1. Break-out Committee Meetings: Committee Agenda Discussion and Elect co-Chairs
  • Academic Affairs – (Convenors: John Vincent & Andre Denham)
  • Community & Legislative Affairs (Convenors: Joy Burnham and Steven Yates)
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Convenors: Mirit Eyal-Cohen & Ignacio Rodeno)
  • Faculty & Senate Governance – (Convenor: Ibrahim Çemen)
  • Faculty Life – (Convenor: Andrea Glenn)
  • Financial Affairs – (Convenor: Rainer Schad)
  • Information Technology – (Convenor: Matthew Hudnall)
  • Research & Service – (Convenors: Ajay Agrawal and Silas Blackstock)
  • Student Affairs –(Convenor: Amy Traylor)
  • Campus Culture Taskforce –(Convenor: Greg Cotrell)


  • Committee convenors must report co-chair election results to Linda Knowles.



  1. Announcements:
    • Next Meeting: August 18th


  1. Adjourn

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