April 18, 2023

1008 Nursing

Senate Leadership Transition

Roll Call and Quorum Check – (Rona Donahoe)

Approval/Correction of the Minutes for Mar 21, 2023(Rona Donahoe)

President’s Report – (Matthew Hudnall)

  • Senate introductory remarks
  • Committee Approval and Co-Chair Selection Process
  • Parliamentarian Affirmation
  • Call for Webmaster
  • CUC confirmation vote
  • Legislation update

Vice President’s Report – (Steven Yates)

Secretary’s Report – (Rona Donahoe)

Senate Committee Reports:

  • Faculty & Senate Governance
    • Outcome of the Merger and Discontinuance vote
    • Reminder about the Call for Nominations for the Mediation Committee that will close on 4/28/23
  • Academic Affairs (Babs Davis and Rona Donahoe) – No report
  • Community & Legislative Affairs (Serena Blount and John Giggie)
    • Brewer Porch Appreciation Luncheon, May 11 2023 at 11:00 a.m.
  • Research & Service (Shanlin Pan and Clay Voorhees)
    • Research/IRB survey results analysis
    • Subvention Efforts
  • Faculty Life (Kim Colburn and Heather Elliott) – No report
  • IT & Strategic Communications (Xiaoyan Hong and Patrick Kung)
  • Option to use preferred last name in UA Email
  • Simple Syllabus:  Replaces Online Syllabus Management
  • New OIT Communications Director: Barrett Elder
  • ChatGPT
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (Sheila Black and Thomas Herwig)
  • DEI Summit
  • Financial Affairs (Tom Baker and Shane Stinson)
  • Faculty Salaries / Compensations
  • Student Life (Dale Dickinson and Carrie Turner) – No report

Reports from Other Committees

  • Compliance Committee (Babs Davis) – Proposed training window will be Sep 1 – Oct 31 again this year. Looking for participants for the pilot in July.  Anyone who participates in a pilot won’t have to do that training during the official window.
  • Faculty and Staff Benefits Committee (Rona Donahoe)

Old Business

New Business