Undergraduate Council Proposal


Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations to the Provost on proposals for new undergraduate academic programs and significant changes to existing academic programs; engage in review of existing academic programs; promote quality in undergraduate academic programs; and review and develop University-wide policies for undergraduate students including the areas of admission and retention, scholarships, advising, and financial aid.


Consists of faculty members elected by the faculty within each college or school providing undergraduate degrees on the basis of one member for each 1,000 undergraduate majors, with each qualifying college/school having at least two members. The Honors College will also select one member from its faculty. The Provost (or designated Associate Provost) will serve as chairperson. One student member is appointed by the SGA and one non-Greek student representative is appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. One faculty member is appointed by the Faculty Senate. The following shall serve as liaison members: Dean of University Libraries (or representative), University Registrar, the Dean of Students, and the Director for Institutional Effectiveness.




Provost (or designated Associate Provost)

~32 elected members from colleges granting undergraduate degrees

Elected faculty member from Honors College


Dean, University Libraries or representative

University Registrar

Dean of Students, Student Life

Director, Institutional Effectiveness


Representative appointed by SGA

Representative appointed by Student Life​


Representative appointed by Faculty Senate

Membership from colleges if elected currently:

A&S 8

Commerce Business 8

Communication Info Sciences 2

Education 2

Engineering 5

Honors College 1

Human Environmental 3

Nursing 2

Social Work 2

Total 33

Note: As elected members of the undergraduate council will serve three years terms, only one-third of the members will be elected each of the first three years after the council is established so that members will have staggered terms.

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