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Results of the Faculty Climate Survey

A Faculty Climate Survey was administered to full-time and part-time faculty by the Faculty Senate of the University of Alabama during April 2015. The survey itself was written by the Faculty Life committee of the Senate during the 2014-15 academic year, with the goal of gathering the opinions and interests of the faculty with regard to a set of key issues. The survey was designed so that it might be administered in a similar form in future years, so as to gather comparative data.

The survey results are in two documents:

Faculty Climate Survey 2015 – tabular data

Faculty Climate Survey 2015 – narrative comments

Officers 2015-16


Donna Meester
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance, 348-9032

Vice President

Ed Stephenson
Professor, Biological Sciences, 348-1828


Rona Donahoe
Professor, Geological Sciences, 348-1879

Administrative Secretary

Linda Knowles, 348-6635
401 Martha Parham West