Senate resolutions 1994-present

Resolution in Defense of Academic Freedom 12-14-21

Resolution of Recognition of Service to the UA Community by the University Medical Center and Student Health Center 08-17-21

Resolution on the Implementation of the “Evening/Weekend Only” Parking Permit 10-16-18

Resolution to Display a Menorah on Campus 12-12-17

Resolution for Judy Bonner Drive 11-15-16

Resolution to Convene a Task Force 9-24-13

Resolution on Immigration 4-17-12

Resolution on Smoke Free Campus 2-21-12

Resolution on Course Syllabi 8-18-09

Resolution on Leadership Evaluation 2-20-07

Resolution on Maternal-Paternal-Adoption Tenure Clock 2-20-07

Resolution on Student-Faculty Week 1-13-07

Resolution on a Policy Prohibiting Smoking Near Building Entranceways 11-21-06

Robert Thomas (Bob) Sigler 10-17-06

Resolution on GTA and GRA Medical Insurance 2-21-06

Resolution on Child Care Needs 3-15-05

Resolution Urging Changes in Health Care Policies 11-16-04

Resolution on University Payment of Health Care Costs 11-16-04

Resolution On Prescription Drug Deductible 11-16-04

Resolution For University Policy Opposing Unacceptable Behavior Demeaning Individuals Or Groups 9-21-04

Resolution Thanking Norm Baldwin and Others 9-21-04

Resolution for the Establishment of a Natural Environment Preservation Committee 9-21-04

Resolution Honoring Student Members of 2004 USA Today Academic Team 4-20-04

Resolution In Memorium of Marc Andrew Armstrong, MD 4-20-04

Resolution Acknowledging and Apologizing for Slavery at UA 4-20-04

Resolution on Academic Freedom at USM 3-17-04

Resolution on Tenure 2-17-04

Resolution on Support for Benefits 2-17-04

Resolution on Academic Freedom and Tenure 2-17-04

Resolution on Importance of Following Handbook 2-17-04

Resolution in Condemnation of Hate Message at the NAACP Office 1-20-04

Resolution in Memorium – Bailey Thompson 12-3-03

Resolution to Defend Academic Freedom at Shelton State Community College 11-18-03

Resolution in Protest of the University’s Failure to Follow the Faculty Handbook Regarding the Search for a Dean of the College of Education 11-11-03

Resolutions on Sexual Orientation and the University’s Policies 10-21-03

Resolution in Opposition to Addition of VIVA Plan to Health Care Benefits 9-16-03

Resolution on Tax Reform 4-15-03

Resolution in Support of Susan Hamill 4-15-03

Resolution Honoring Student Members of 2003 USA Today Academic Team 3-18-03

Resolution to Retain the Scholarship Enhancement Fee 3-18-03

Resolution in Support of Strong Leadership 2-11-03

Resolution on Including Student Photos as Part of the Electronic Roster 2-18-03

Resolution on Electing Members to Reallocation Committee 1-21-03

Resolution Supporting the Regulation of Hours that Alcohol Can be Sold on Premises in the Local Community 1-21-03

Resolution on Tuition 1-21-03

Resolution on Safe Zone 10-15-02

Resolution on Reallocation 9-17-02

Resolution Establishing a Protocol for the Selection and Responsibilities of Ombudspersons 3-19-02

Resolution Calling for Higher Faculty Salaries 3-19-02

Resolution Proposing a System of Faculty Feedback for Effective University Leadership 3-19-02

Resolution Proposing Fall Study Days for Students 2-19-02

Resolution Commending Marie A. Robbins and Gene A. Marsh 2-19-02

Resolution Commending Cornelius Carter 1-22-02

Resolution Calling for a Five-Day Monday Through Friday Final Exam Schedule 1-22-02

Resolution Defining Faculty Holding Regular Appointment 2-19-02

Resolution Proposing a System of Faculty Feedback for Deans and Chairs 10-16-01

Resolution Commending President Andrew Sorensen, Provost Nancy Barrett, and Their Leadership Teams 10-16-01

Resolution Commending Professor Pat Hermann 9-18-01

Resolution Calling for Desegregation of the Greek System and the Means to Accomplish This End 8-28-01

A Resolution Supporting Reform of the Constitution of the State of Alabama 4-17-01

Resolution for Increased Tuition 4-17-01

Resolution Honoring Dr. William Nichols 2-20-01

Resolution Concerning By-Law Changes – Faculty Life Committee 2-20-01

Resolution Concerning By-Law Changes – January Meeting Date 2-20-01

Resolution in Support of Domestic Partner Benefits 11-21-00

Resolution Assessing the Probable Financial Impact of Domestic Partner Benefits 11-21-00

Resolution Supporting Fair Labor Association Membership and Living Wage Right 10-17-00

Resolution Honoring George S Shirley 8-29-00

Resolution Honoring Prof Chuck Hobby 8-29-00

Resolution on Tuition 5-16-00

Resolution of University Recreation Fees 4-18-00

Resolution Supporting Integration of Greek Letter Social Organizations 4-18-00

Resolution on Faculty Support for Diversity 3-21-00

Resolution Supporting the Julie Laible Memorial Lecture Series 2-15-00

Resolution Requesting a Strategic Plan for Faculty Salary Problems 8-31-99

resolution on Faculty Salaries 5-25-99

Resolution Regarding Threats in Student Campaigns 3-24-99

Resolution Regarding Board of Trustee Appointment 4-21-98

Resolution on Faculty Salaries 1-20-98

Summersell Awardees Steve & Camilla Johnson 21-Apr-98

Resolution Requesting an 8 percent Salary Increase 12-9-97

Resolution Legislative Efforts of Chancellor Meredith Deeply Appreciated 12-9-97

Resolution Do Not Change the Plus-Minus Grading System at this Time 10-21-97

Resolution Benefits Office Concerns 10-21-97

Resolution to Keep the University Press on Campus 10-21-97

Resolution General Studies & Articulation Joint Resolution summer 97

Resolution on General Studies and Articulation 4-15-97

Resolution to Align Faculty Senate Committees with University Standing Committees 2-18-97

Resolution Protest over Lack of Faculty Involvement in Commencement Changes 2-18-97

Resolution in Support of Faculty Athletic Representative Gene Marsh’s Concern for Academic Welfare of University Student-Athletes 2-18-97

Resolution to Raise Faculty Salaries to 75th Percentile in the Southern University Group 1-21-97

Resolution to Explore Library Funding Sources 11-19-96

Resolution to Endorse the Academic Suspension Proposal 10-15-96

Resolution Recommended Changes to the Academic Calendar 10-15-96

Resolution Concerning the Dissolution of the Department of Mineral Engineering 4-24-96

Resolution to Explore Additional Library Funding 2-20-96

Resolution Faculty Advising of Student Governance 2-20-96

Resolution Old Senate Nominates for Distinguish Service Award 1-16-96

Resolution HMO Options Should be Examined Carefully 12-12-95

Resolution Procedure for Distinguished Service Awards 11-21-95

Resolution Faculty Participation in State-Wide Discipline Committees 11-21-95

Resolution New Faculty Mentoring Program 8-29-95

Resolution to Approve Merger Guidelines 12-13-94

Resolution Finding the Proposed Policy on Computer and Software Use Unacceptable 12-13-94

Resolution Requesting Mandatory Salary Increase Associated with Academic Promotions 12-13-94

Resolution Suggesting Funding Priorities 11-15-94

Resolution Clarifying Conflict of Interest 11-15-94

Resolution No Need to Revisit Decision to Institute Plus-Minus Grading System 10-18-94

Resolution Granting Exemptions to Plus-Minus Grading System 10-18-94

Resolution to Approve Merger Guidelines 12-13-94

No new building without first establishing maintenance reserve18-Jan-94